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Four of my Favourite Lessons from my First Four Years of Business (and the ones I have to thank for the business, life and bank account I have, today!)

15 June 2021

It’s been four years since I first decided to start and run my own business. At the time, I had no idea what was in store for me. But like all great heart led decisions, I was choosing the pathway that would lead me to the greatest transformations. The lessons I have learned now inform how I teach, coach and mentor, because my paradigm and understanding about how the world works has completely changed. 


I’m going to share with you these lessons - because I know that these will change the game entirely for you, too. Hopefully, if you can learn from my mistakes, you can avoid making them too. 


I’ve saved the biggest (and most life changing!) ‘til last - so make sure you read all the way through.


Make Money & Impact, Fast:

The Do’s and Don’ts of Starting Your Business

07 June 2021

Having a desire and idea for a business is really just the tip of the iceberg. Creating a profitable, values aligned, fulfilling business requires laying strong foundations. This post is your opportunity to find out exactly what to focus on, and what to ignore. 


We live in an ‘information age’ - where you can discover so much online, for free. If running a successful business were simply about knowing what to do, there would be far greater success rate for business owners. 


  • Four of my Favourite Lessons from my First Four Years...

    15 June 2021

  • Make Money & Impact, Fast:

    The Do’s and Don’ts...

    07 June 2021


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